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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Is the one world order coming and the Illuminati going public

What use to be Illuminati secrets now ain't so secret anymore and things are starting to move on a faster pace. It may not be to long and we will see the whole world change. 

this is when we will start to see the world getting ready for the return of Jesus Christ so we all must be ready for this as when it happens it will hit us all with a thud out of the blue

I have a duty under God to tell the world as it is happening on both You Tube and social media in full

I will not stop making these blogs and nothing can or will stop me: That also is with You Tubes

I use this as my voice piece to the world, I have been shut up and quieten down a lot before as those in the know do not want me to speak. I know the Illuminati and other such evils are involved 

but I have one thing to say to them. 

I am not going to give in no matter how much you try to stop me as I have one big message to put to the world, I speak on Agenda 2030 and the coming one world government as put by the Illuminati

and that I surely will do regardless of what anyone can or will think.

Darwin aiding United States Military In preparation for agression against North Korea

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Darwin Australia is in the line of fire North Korea warns

Australia will become a major target with Darwin hosting united states marines but we must be willing to accept this,   During world war 2 Darwin was on the front line
And it looks as though this could happen again

Senator Cori Bernardi starts his own Party The Concervatives

Cori Bernardi and Family first share similar Political policies and values which I am similar to their value and Policy platform myself

To deal with and some of the more controversial issues he needs support and Family first has similar policies to Cori.

President Donald Trump will not Allow the North Korean Nut Job develop long rand Nuclear Missiles

I agree with Donald Trump 100% over this. You are better of stopping a future disaster before it comes to pass. Just look if we could go back in History and stop Adolf Hitler back in 1933 before he got Into power. 6 million Jewish lives would have been saved and the 6 year horrific war (1939-1945) Would not have happened.

We can plan our future and change world future before it happens 
Once something happens it becomes History and never can be changed in all of eternity !!!

So Donald Trump is very right and we are better to stop the nut job in North Korea before something very serious and nasty happens.

A battle between North Korea South Korea and United States could happen at any moment without any warning

Korean War starts off again This could be devastating and cost litteraly millions of lives.  The 21st Century has far more devastati...