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Monday, 22 January 2018

World war 3 could break out at any time with NorthKorea without notice

I am afraid to say this is real, very real as it is coming from a number of different sources and media outlets. 

We might as well be prepared as I do not think their is much chance for stopping conflict with this Rogue nation, North Korea.

North Korea more likely to use nuclear weapons now without warning !!!

North Korea more likely to use nuclear weapons Now !!! - This is what we know about North Korea Nuclear power !!!

This hermit nation is very unpredictable and war could break out at any time without notice, So we must be ever more so on guard. 

I feel this could be and would be the start of world war 3 if Kim John Un used nuclear weapons on any western nation, This would create an instant crises and open the doors to an all out war which would result in the long awaited World War 3. 

What realy is needed for someone to go into North Korea and take out Kim Jon Un but that is not possible at the moment as he is to closely guarded and protected. Kim Jon Un and north Korea could give reason for the coming of Agenda 2030 early or a one world government. 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Government shut down in the United states could herald danger

This is not good, it is very bad as on a world wide basis the United States is involved in numerous conflicts world wide. This could change the balance of structure of the fighting parties and put the United States and whole world in a very precarious state which could embolden the terrorist and counties like North Korea to carry out dangerous acts. 

Anything could happen so the United States government needs to get back to business as soon as possible.  

Syria is a Mess and with Turkey now joining in to attack the Kurds it is only going to get worst

This could end up very serious. This war in Syria is looking likely to expand into the world and like during the onset of world wars 1 and world war 2 the allies are coming together to fight each other. 

Syria was once a mighty nation but now it is in one hell of a a 'bloody mess'


this is more complex than even world wars 1 or 2, as it is different factors with different end goals taking their own side where as in world war 1 and 2 it was the Nazi allied countries fighting for world dominance, 

Islam is a major factor and religion with religious expansionist as a driving factor - in world war 1 and 2 it was power and dominance issues and no so much a religious factor that was the philosophical issue behind the fighting. 

Today and in what could be described as the starting battles of world war 3 it is very different as religion has become the motivating factor  alongside other Philosophical issues in the line of Human rights

This is all leading up to a one world government under 



Saturday, 20 January 2018

Anyone is free to comment on any of my blog posts: but I reserve the right to delete if they are defamitory or abusive

Anyone is free to comment on any of my blogs or postings.


I reserve the right to delete anything I find abusive or defamatory

I would like to write and comment on News articles and other media related events, I leave this blog to do that with and do not harass or intimidate anyone.

 If anyone comes and reads what I write: then that is there choice and they are responsible for reading it alone,

NOT ME THE AUTHOR AS I FORCE NO ONE - Me being blamed is all a set up to shut me up. 


I have political activist with an alternative agenda on their own mind attacking me to shut me up as they are frightened to let me write without opposition as to many people might read and take note.

There is a Homosexual agenda with those working with Agenda 2030 and they do not want adverse comments put online or on social media as it will effect their politics if to much is read and taken notice of.

So like what was done to Edwin Snowden and Wiki Leaks (Julian Assuage) by People in Politics taking offense at them speaking the truth. 

 I am also being taken to court and it is abuse of the court system called Law Fair or the use of the courts and legal system as a weapon to shut me up.

I wish to tell all that I am very aware of this and I will continue to fight these people using this law fare to shut me up on: with no hold up. 

the Mark of the Beast: One interpretation of this: 666

This man is coming and he will come soon. When I can not give dates as the bible states that No one knows the time or date not even the Angles in Heaven. Mathew 24:36.

All I know is what the bible tells me and it tells me that this man will come at first as An Angel of peace riding a white horse bringing war to bring peace. Revelations 19:11-16

A proto-type of this man was Antioch's Epiphany  (born 215BC reigned from 175BC-164BC) who was a Greek Syrian tyrant who ruled the world at the end of the Greek times of greatness (during the Seleucid Period)  from the group of leaders tat followed Alexander the Great.

This was the worst man in the history of mankind from ancient Greek and Syrian History and a proto type of the monster to come. 

He will be a member of the Illuminati and also could be homosexual/bi-sexual or transvestite as I believe during the beginning of his 7 year reign he will introduce and force cultural Marxist Philosophy upon all (Feminist equal rights opportunity which will include same sex marriage and the recognition of transvestites)

this man will also head off Agenda 2030 and take charge of the whole world. 

I do not give dates as that would be wrong but I state keep a watch on the news and read the bible and this man will reveal himself.

this is one of the reasons I am under attack by those taking me to court - as i speak along similar lines as this good man once did - Barry Smith

People do not like it when they see you speak the truth - people often delved in deception and lies. That is what those in power the present day want to bring the 

Some good people like this man speak out the truth but they are hounded by those who want to hide the truth.

Best kind of persecution have any of the time. Because corrupt people do not like being exposed and they will do anything either ethical correct and incorrect or criminal to stop those who are exposing them. In this I Ian only speaking generally and not specifically to one or anyone person.

I believe the Bottril vs Sunol religious vilification is part of the coming of this new world order which Barry Smith speaks of in his videos and talks.

As another example just look at what happened to Julian Assange
If this could happen to a highly skilled Journalist for doing his work it can happen to anyone to cover up corruption.

This is the way that the world is heading

 Another main reason or me being taken to the tribunal. Is to set case law and make the Discrimination legislation workable in the courts. This is so that it is possible to take away our free speech and put people in front of a court if we want to speak against issues to do with verification or discrimination. Freedom of speech is at risk big big big big big risk.



World war 3 could break out at any time with NorthKorea without notice

War could break out at any time with North Korea - and this could become world war 3 I am afraid to say this is real, very real a...