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Monday, 10 July 2017

Islamic state caliphate defeated in Iraq

this is a huge win, yes for the Shi'ite Islamic forces and the west
what comes next may be worst and Islamic state is now in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia so it may not be all over yet so we must not get our hopes to high
Islamic state might be defeated in Iraq and these cities but who knows where it will re-raise its head and this looks like East Asia and South East Asia, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Cardinal George Pell arrives back in Australi to face court in Victoria !!!

I feel that George Pell is totally innocent, he is the victim of a witch hunt by the LGBT activist groups and those with Cultural Marxism as a philosophical belief thus he is a scape goat to be able to get to the Catholic church for being Anti Same Sex Marriage. 

Like with me:  there are those that want to silence George Pell who is a good man and to do that they want him behind bars for something he never did. I believe that George Pell is totally innocent and he is a victim of those pushing for feminist left wing policy changes on Gender Issues (such as Gay rights) and see the need to get George Pell behind bars so they make up conjectured lies to have him poisoned on issues totally against his own nature so he can not speak out. 

This is Political to shut up a good man in a High position and those pushing for same sex marriage do things like this, this is why I have so many cases myself, due to people wanting me to stay quite, it is politics as with George Pell. 

This will be a very interesting case to follow and I expect it in the media big time !!!

If you can not make peace with a person or group: then you just have a Piece of them : this creates war !!!

This is a very true and effective saying. The two words sound the same in the English language but have an entirely different meaning and all it is is to replace the 'e' which comes after the first P with an 'i' and you give the two words an entirely different meaning in the |English language which is the opposite to each other in this context.

This has an enormous real context to today in the 21st century more than any time in the last 2,000 years. 

I will leave this for you all to think about

Yours John Christopher Sunol
0468 309 091

Nuclear North Korea could be coming if we do nothing

This is the age old case of : If I do !!! 
or: If I do not !!!

This is between a rock and a brick wall for the Trump administration. 

If we attack north Korea South Korea could be turned to ashes as North Korea would riegn in Missiles down on Seol and then go to Japan


If we don't, then when Kim Jon Un (the monster of a dictator) gets hold of nuclear weapons and international continental ballistic Missiles (other known as ICBM's) then we have a very serious situation on our hands, a Ruthless dictator and Nut case who will murders his own blood family . (this man Kim Jon Un is extremely evil) with ICBM's nuclear tipped

Not even the Cuban Missile Crises of October 20th 1962 came to a world disaster and world war as  close as we are in 2017.

We need to wait, watch and see how this unfolds as I believe horrific and terrible things could resolved out of this. 

Us bombers do show of force training in South Korea

The United states is preparing for war with Kim Jon Un and I feel this option is the only way to show business. North Korea understands nothing else.
Even thought war is horrible and results in many deaths, sometimes war is unavoidable, especially with totalitarian cult leader style dictatorships like the Kim Family tree in North Korea, When back in a corner you must fight back.

This is the major Problem and this is one of the reasons a shooting match may start anytime:

(The North is technically still at war with the South after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a treaty, and regularly threatens to destroy the United States, Japan and South Korea)

Saturday, 8 July 2017

3 Options for dealing with North Korea - Donald Trump United States President

I see this provocation of Kim Jon Un of North Korea a continuation of the first part of the Korean war 1950-53, not a separate conflict but a re-start of a war that never finished and only went into stalemate. This gives reasons why we must not have a stale mate but fight on to a complete victory a it will come back again to 'bite you in the bum' colloquially speaking.

These options are:

1. Economic sanctions - which never work as this has a border with the world laregest nation
 - china

2. Have China pleas with North Korea on Political sanctions - this will not work with a person like Kim Jon Un as he runs his country as a big cult and has all say a God over the whole nation of North Korea

3. Military option: very dangerous as millions of people could be killed and south Korea flattened as Seol the Capital is only 30 Milometers from the North Korean border which would put it in the firing line and this is not wanted

Without actions Kim Jon Un (who I believe is being driven by Demonic spirits) could suddenly attack which is not wanted and given time he could develop Nuclear technology and its delivery systems to threaten the whole Western way of life. 

So this is between a rock and a stone very difficult.

I will speak on this ass more comes up on this blog


This Korean war 1950-53 could start again at any time without warning. In actual fact it never finished and only an armistice was put in place on July 27 1953 which was a stale mate and cease of hostilities, no one claimed victory and the war and it did not finish. Technically it could start up again at any time and in the 21st century with Kim Jon Un (the grandson of Kim Il Son the man who started this was) is back on the war path again and could head off conflict between North and South again with America entering in again (plus other countries like Australia), which could bring in China with this time other nations becoming involved as well. 

 This is extremely undesirable and could kill millions of people,  we are heading down this path on an ever fast pace. 

With what is going on this could start at any moment without warning and this time in the 21st century it would be very different from the 1950-53 past gone by conflict (which famous television series of Mash was working on over the Many years, 1972-83)

Besides the fact that technology and weaponry is vastly different  in the two periods, the Geopolitics of today in the 21st century is very different that that of the Geopolitics of the 1950-53 Korean War stage 1

We are back in a very close to a continuation of the Korean war and I feel that war could break out at any moment - this would be a horrible war and could have the first use of nuclear weapons could be used. 

Kim Jon Un (is not unlike his Grandfather Kim Il Jon but worst) and could head off a horrible conflict to start world war 3. 

What is worst of all,  Americas might have to fight China over this and that could become a different matter and horrific (so let us pray for peace in this unstable area of the world)

This is the Major Problem:  The North is technically still at war with the South after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a treaty, and regularly threatens to destroy the United States, Japan and South Korea

Islamic state caliphate defeated in Iraq

Islamic Caliphate finished in Iraq of Islamic State by the Shi'ite Iraqi forces this is a huge win, yes for the Shi'ite Isl...